Researches on the Nepalese mycoflora

Name of the book– Researches on the Nepalese mycoflora : Revised account on the history of mycological explorations Mushrooms of Nepal

Mahesh Kumar Adhikari
Size of the book
24.5 X 17.5 cm = 9.8 X 6.8” (Inches)
Pages in the book
90 pg
Cover - 200 grm. Art board
Inside - 70 grm. Map litho
Cover – Multicolor
Inside - B/W Printing
Front and back side
Publication year
October. 2009 A. D. (2066.6. BS Nepali calendar)
Kamala S. Adhikari
160 NRs  (5 USD) + postage charge extra
ISBN no.
978 – 9937 – 2 – 1736 - 1


This book is an effort to throw light on the results of exploration, collections, investigations and studies carried on the mycoflora by different mycologists in time-to-time from east to west and tropical to alpine region of Nepalese Himalayan territory. The review is based on the publications available at hand.
The most important feature of the book is that it includes up to date information on published reports about Nepalese fungi. It includes more than 520 published papers accumulated since the contribution of Llyod (1808) and Berkely (1839), which no one has compiled yet. The papers mostly embrace the taxonomic, ethnomycological, pathological, biogeographic or ecological distribution pattern and mycorrhizal mycofloras. The papers related to molecular phylogeny of Nepalese mycoflora have also been incorporated. The book reveals the presence of 608 genera, 2025 species, under 60 order and 80 families with 5 monotypic taxa and 192 new species.
The book is divided in 4 Chapters (1- Introduction, 2 -Brief account on published literatures, 3 - Fungi proposed from Nepal (monotypic and endemic), changes in the nomenclature and 4- References and lastly Index). It also incorporates maps of the route followed and the photographs of the researchers (Japanese, French, American, German, Indian, Nepalese etc.). The groupings and sub groupings of the subject matters are organized on chronological basis based on the origin of contributors and their contributions, so that one can easily find out the required information without going through the whole book. Moreover the book is presented in an easy-to-read style.
According to the author this work was under taken visualizing (a). the difficulty in accessing the published literatures (b). to know the aspects of researches and reports published on Nepalese fungi, (c). while reporting a fungus one must know about fungi reported earlier from Nepal (d). no duplication of work in publication of the taxa concerned and the result of investigation.
This will help to produce comprehensive ‘Mycoflora of Nepal’ in the future and will prove a beneficial publication to the researchers, planners, students, amateurs, the mycophagus society, medicinal industries and its related people.
Prof. Guy Durrieu, the French mycologist has written the ‘Preface’, while Prof. Yoshitaka Ono, the Japanese mycologist, has provided ‘Foreword’ to the book.

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