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About the Author: Mahesh Kumar Adhikari

Mahesh Kumar ADHIKARI was born in a village (Kudawa Ramchandra) of Gaur, Rautahat, Narayani zone, Nepal.

Adhikari did M.Sc. in Botany in first division (1973) from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He was awarded Doctorate  “Docteur de l’Univérsité” mention ‘trés honorable’ (1996) from Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France on Biodiversity of Basidiomycetous fungi.

He started his profession as a school teacher (Shanti Nikunja Vidhyalaya, Marutol, Kathmandu, 1967). He was Asst. Lecturer in R. R. Campus, Tribhuvan University at Janakpur (1973-74). Since 1974 he joined HMG, Department of Plant Resources, Kathmandu, Nepal. At present, (1999) he is the Senior Research Officer of National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories at Godavary.

Dr. Adhikari started his career working on mycological field since 1976. To date he has published more than 80 scientific papers. These papers deal with about 250 species of fungi among which 210 species are new to Nepal. The monographic studies on the genus Lactarius (1995), Amanita (1993)and Russula (1988, 1990, 1999) of Nepal are note worthy contributions. He has described about a dozen of new species in his own and joint efforts with foreign mycologists. He is the author and editor of some books and bulletins.

He is the life member of Nepal Botanical Society, Natural History Society of Nepal. He was a Member Secretory of APINMAP/SCAMAP commitee, Nepal National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education & Culture (6 Nov., 1996 to 1999) and IUFRO committee (1994).

He was awarded “Young Scientist Travelling Fellowship Award” by ICSU/COSTED/UNESCO, India in 1992. He is decorated with “Mahendra Vidhya Bhushan Padak” (A grade) (Gold Medal) (2053/1997). Recently he has been honoured by naming a fungus after him (Puccinia adhikarii Ono, 1996).. Botanically he has explored nearly all the parts of Nepal.

He has visited the countries like Japan, France, Thailand, India.


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